Paragliding has already been an important outdoor sport in Buzet for more than 20 years. Buzet and its surroundings (Ćićarija, the valley of the River Mirna up to the Mountain Učka) form a unique relief and offer perfect weather conditions for flying.

Due to mild climatic conditions flying is possible all year round, making Buzet a paragliding “Mekka”. Hence, several events take place in Buzet every year. For example, the State Championships and even World Cups.

In 2009, Buzet hosted the PWC Paragliding World Cup – which is as famous as Formula 1 in the world of paragliders – with only the best pilots from all over the world competing against each other.

Furthermore, the great geographical position and good thermal conditions of the airfields of Buzeština make XC flights over 100 km possible and offer the pleasures of sailing in the laminar winds.

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